Talking the Blues, Southampton (a) stormy weather continues

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues where we look at today’s performance and recognise that Lampard can’t just wave a magic wand.

We analyse the missing winning mindset within the club and talk in detail about the responsibility of all to allow the new management team to bring their winning experience to the fore. We look at the responsibility of us all to do whatever is required to advance the club, not only in the short term but beyond the current fight against relegation.

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  1. really enjoyed it again Paul Andy and George, such a sombre time for us blues and i agree with these accounts that leak information, its bad an all levels for this club, really amatuerish,praying we get out of this mess, but as ever a brilliant podcast gents

  2. Despite the state we find ourselves in, I really enjoy the podcast, All three of you gentlemen sum up exactly the frustrations and almost, should I say it ordeal it is at times to be a Blue especially the last few years. The Moshiri takeover promised so much at the start but has turned into a nightmare. As you put it we all have an emotional investment in the club, although at times like now its tested to the limit.

  3. Podcast is great – keep up the good work chaps.
    Paul there is a suggestion on Toffeweb that that 27 campaign played a role in recommending the new DOF (rather than the guy from Spurs we were all expecting). As I guess it be raised in the post-Man City podcast can you confirm, deny or plead ignorance.

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