Talking the Blues Podcast, West Ham (a), survival strategies

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast where George and Andy look at the West Ham United game, some of the incidents from last week before turning our attention to where we go from here. Lots of ideas as to how to get the rest of the season moving in the right direction albeit a great deal of realism too.

Thanks for listening on what remains a very difficult period for Blues. Our podcasts are available on all major podcast platforms, links to which can be found here

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  1. Had to give up after the ‘Narwhal Jarwhal’ comment. ‘Funny Asian names’? You should have stepped in.
    You need better ‘guests’ to complement your more civilised analysis.

  2. With the greatest of respect, and despite your correct analysis, there’s one thing you have missed – and that is the Board’s ‘modus operandi’ here is destruction – possibly the total destruction of the club. Much like the ‘covid’ scenario, the tactics being exactly the same, this is a psychological war against the fans. It is deliberate and will not end well. Why just Everton, I don’t know – maybe because a large part of the fanbase has a historical perspective on the club and it needs eradicating. Certainly the fans are angry and upset and ‘they’ (the powers that be) would be quite happy with a riot to highlight the problem, the distraction away from the real problems at the club.
    The deliberate misinformation ‘leaking’ from the club has had a real effect in winding up the fans – they’d better not fall into the trap or be enticed into errors. However, the underlying issue is larger than just Everton although how it will pan out I’m not sure. You know other clubs have ‘ownership’ problems, United, Liverpool etc. And don’t forget football/ sport is one of the ‘great distractions’ that the parasites of the planet have put in place to occupy you whilst they plan a world for themselves – we do live in extremely troubled times. Thhat’s all i can say at this point – just watch what is going on …

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