Talking the Blues Podcast, Arsenal (h), Brands, the 27 minutes for 27 years campaign and much more

So much to talk about in this episode of Talking the Blues with Andy Costigan and George. The Arsenal match, Brands, the 27 minutes for 27 years campaign, Andy losing his internet connection – not a dull moment I can assure you.

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  1. The negative spin place upon 27 minutes for 27 years by national media was scandalous.
    The coverage was embarrassing and made out that those who participated were harmful to the club!

    The result, is something we desperately needed. Benitez substitution with Gomes playing a 3 in midfield was what we have been crying out for.

    For the first time in what felt like a lifetime we out fought our opponents in midfield.

    Brands departure has strengthened Benitez, there’s now a power grab, or musical chairs without a seat for Marcel Marceau.
    I firmly believe he’s been scapegoated, even though his summer 2019 was just like the Summer of Sam for Evertonians.

    For Kenwright to still be hanging around like a bad smell is heartbreaking. I’ve been vociferous in wanting him gone since 2004, 17 years later he’s still sat in the same seat surrounded by his sycophants and it destroys my soul.

    I’m hearing there’s going to be an analytical review of how the club is run! Apparently whoever is going to do it is comedy value.

    Love the show fellas – sometimes after watching Everton this last 27 years 48 minutes of total football is enough!

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