Talking the Blues podcast, Chelsea (a), Ellis Simms, the fans, maintaining pressure

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues podcast, back with both Costigan brothers, George and Andy. We talk through the Chelsea game, Ellis Simms, talk about the fans, talk about maintaining pressure on the board and Farhad Moshiri during the international break. We muse over Sean Dyche and his future also.


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  1. Hi, great listen as always,why did you not mention that MSP have cooled the investment interest in the club,as you posted on Toffeeweb last week?

  2. Great listen fellas.
    I would still challenge those who are much better than I, to find a DIRECT comment from the club regarding a circa £550m price tag for the stadium.
    I can’t see an obvious benefit for claiming it is lower. Since the first spade went in everybody and his dog is prepared to accept costs have risen, inflation has risen and materials have become more expensive. The only obvious cost saving is that most of the construction is off site and reassembled on site. Perhaps that allowed for some fixed purchase costs to be made by the industry very early on that we’re not affected by price increases.
    In his FAB interview FM was very quick to say that at current costs it would be more like a £1.1 billion construction cost.
    My best guess is that it would have been inside a range to begin anyway and that specifically because the club made no concrete announcement about it, it always ran as high as £760m.
    I see no short term or long gain for hiding or fudging this do you?
    I’d suggest FM would have been happy so say he’s building a £760m stadium, it adds a little more kudos to the project doesn’t it?

    I’m still concerned over the whole MSP issue. I have my fingers crossed but it’s increasingly likely that the “very soon” comment by FM looks very silly now.
    My concern is that we have lost an opportunity for some real expertise than the loss of investment money alone, and the chance to apply legitimate pressure to BK to exit stage left and perhaps take one or two with him.
    The very idea (as Paul suggested), that FM asked BK to go and he refuses just makes me wonder what on Earth is going on. What does BK have over the owner? What would the MSP people make of such an affair?

    Love the comparison between SIMMS and Lukaku – wouldn’t that be great! I am a firm believer that SIMMS, like DCL, needs to find his feet and Dyche may be taking a very astute and sensible approach to his game time.

    I don’t hide that I wanted Domenico Todesco (now head coach at Belgium), but I am happy that Dyche has been given the chance to shine. If it works ,he stays. It’s the only strategy we haven’t yet applied and thank God we didn’t apply it to Big Sam!!

    Look forward to the next podcast – it is sounding like One Foot in the Grave for EFC fans!



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