Talking the Blues Podcast, Brentford (h), Dyche, the Echo & the open letter

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with Andy Costigan and myself. No George this week as technical issues caused him hilariously to miss out twice.

In today’s episode we look back  at the proverbial game of two halves. We look at the impact Dyche has had so far before commenting on the atmosphere around Goodison on matchday.

We look at and commend the different reporting style at the Liverpool Echo under Joe Thomas and his colleagues, before giving an explanation as to why Graeme Sharp received an open letter from NSNOW.

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  1. I wonder if Andy agrees that the crowd seemed a little flat prior to the start of the game?

    The strangely freezing weather, the sheer exhaustion with everything EFC and knowing that we were facing a very strong unbeaten in 12 Brentford may have contributed to that.

    That is until the sirens surrounded! Boy did that wake us all up! It had an amazing impact and me and those around me and I hope it is back to stay. It does somehow lead perfectly into Z Cars.

    I read some chatter recently about “time for change” when we go to BMD. Most definitely not for me. Z Cars and the Sirens are a link to the Grand Old Lady that I’d like to cherish and I can’t wait to hear it with a new sound system in a new stadium.

    I think Dyche and Thomas Frank (who I have a lot of time for as a Manager) are very similar in style, airing on direct play rather than long ball hoofing it. They could have easily cancelled each other out. 1st half – it could have been 3-0. The 2nd half I have a theory on……

    We know Dyche is working these lads hard in training and we can see the positive outcome of that. For me their stamina seems to dwindle around 60-70 mins which again for me, is a sign that we are on the tipping point of where the additional gained fitness meets game time application and effort (all without having the benefit of a pre season).

    Remarkably, that might be working for Seamus and Iddy. Both the wrong side of 30 and perhaps they’ve benefitted the most. Seamus is playing like he did 5 years ago and Iddy currently has the best interception stats in the PL by a clear five. These two lads fall into the Garth’s Barry mould of fitness & age.

    But those others who are covering every blade of grass like Dacoure, Onana, MCNeil and Gray – they appear to suffer for me. Onana in particular perhaps needs a little break and maybe the expected return of DCL may prompt more rotation of these players.

    Dyche has said that every manager loves a 1-0 win. I’m definitely not with him on that! Sitting in the main stand for 95 mins at 1-0 up is sheer torture (I’m sure it’s the same everywhere else and for those watching on tv and listening too).

    Finally, I hope Banksy turns up at Goodison and fills the now infamous missing gap in out timeline vacated by Bill, with some suitably creative new artwork.

    Have a good week gents.



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