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Guest article, Zack Threlfall – All Together Now

Guest article by Zack Threlfall

The AllTogetherNow campaign has been a roaring success in uniting a significant portion of our fanbase, igniting passion, and driving us forward to victory. Whether through general support, raising boardroom issues, talking about them, or joining peaceful protests, we’ve all come together with one voice. And despite facing vicious attacks in the media from our very own board, we have proven that our strength in unity is unbreakable.

Not everyone sees eye to eye with us. That’s okay. We respect their opinion and shouldn’t belittle them for it. At the end of the day, our shared love for Everton Football Club and our unyielding desire to win every game we play is what truly unites us all.

We may be going through a tough time as a club, but we cannot afford to let that affect us. We must unite and give our all for every game left this season. Our players and management team need unwavering support in pursuing three valuable points.

When we step into Goodison Park, we must create an atmosphere that strikes fear into our opponents but also gives our players the confidence to fight for every point. We must give everything we’ve got, just like the players do. “You’ve got to die to get three points” that applies to us fans as well as the players.

Our legacy is tied to our future not just our past

Yes, it’s frustrating, it’s hard after last year, and you may feel like these players don’t deserve that level of support again. Please, remember that our support is for the institution of Everton Football Club. If you can’t do it for these players, do it for our former players that you loved. Do it for the family members past and present who you have shared this love with. Do it for Dixie Dean, Harry Catterick, The Golden Vision, Howard Kendall, Alan Ball and the many other players who pulled on that royal blue jersey with immense pride! These players’ historical relevance is intrinsically linked to our current and future success. The more successful we are in the future, the higher regard our ex-players will be held in. If we remain irrelevant or, worse, go down, these players’ legacies will only go as far as L4! Do it for the Everton fans of the future, your children and grandchildren, who deserve a better club than we have right now! Everton Football Club does not deserve to be in this position, and right now, our club needs us!

I know we want to create these atmospheres when chasing trophies, not fighting relegation, and blame can be thrown around, but as fans, we must take responsibility for ourselves now and ensure that we can say we did everything we could. Even if we still end up going down, at least we will go down, giving everything we had for the club we love!

I am confident that if we stick together and fight with everything we have for the boys in the royal blue jersey, we can come out the other side of this season as a Premier League team once again. Let us continue the spirit of AllTogetherNow and unleash our full power as Evertonians.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum!

Zack Threlfall

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  1. Thank you fella appreciate what you are doing for me and others like me who cannot get near goodison park on a match day.

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