Talking the Blues podcast, Fulham (h) what should our response be until the season end?

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with Andy and George Costigan as we look back on a desperately disappointing day at Goodison with what should have been a winnable fixture.

We look at the pre match march, ask what can the fans do in terms of fresh protest, what can we do to force Moshiri’s hand in removing this board so that we go into this summer regardless of our league status free of those who have put us in this position. Moshiri should be gone also of course, but he’s not getting the price he wants for his equity.

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  1. Sadly a lot of truths spoken here especially how poor the squad is right now and most likely to see us go down. The board should resign now

    • Paul, there was a palpable sense of helplessness throughout this particular podcast which perfectly summed up how I and my brothers and friends with whom I go to the games felt. Not once did any of us really believe we would get anything out of the game after Fulham went 2-1 ahead.
      And that sense of helplessness extends, because like you and George and Andy we never stop talking about it, to the actual future of our club as a viable outfit, not just the team on the pitch. We all sensed yesterday that the players were bereft of fight and the fans were similarly despondent.
      We are, as I think Andy touched on, pinning our hopes on 3 teams being sufficiently worse than us rather than Everton actually having the spirit and skill to lift their game.
      As Bob Dylan sang….”It ain’t dark yet, but it’s getting there”

    • The current crisis of this 145 years old club has been long in the making. We have a Board full of non-entities, idiots, and money-grabbers who know nothing about football and even less about how to achieve success for the football club. Moshiri is a property speculator, solely interested in making money. Hence his obsession with the white elephant of a new ground. This is like a peasant dreaming of inhabiting a castle. Kenwright is a failed actor, who has attached himself to our Club to give himself the importance his career as a Thespian failed to bestow upon him. Professor Pangloss, sponsored by Kenwright, is a trendy, middle class non-entity who has no football knowledge or background whatsoever. A fish rots from the head first. Until there is a fans uprising to force out these nincompoops, there is no future for this Club.

  2. George is right. Marching down Goodison Road is ineffectual. We have a captured TV audience inside the ground and need to use it. We need to show our anger in front of the cameras and use the power of the media against the board.

  3. I agree with 90% of what was said. However, I think more questions need putting to Dyche. I was 50/50 on his appointment but have been pleased by how he has improved fitness and got more out of some of the players (albeit in the manager honeymoon period). I was always worried about his tactics (he got the Arsenal home game spot in btw) and his team selection. The last two Saturdays have increased those worries. I also get him wanting to be positive as appose to negative but I had the sense since his appoint that “were fine now, I’m here, we won’t go down” and I think that some players, fans, and owner/board still display that Everton are too big to go down attitude. Especially after Old Trafford and Fulham I now think it is inevitable that we are not too big and will go down.

  4. After Saturdays result, it seemed to me (& I think most fans) that relegation went from something that could be just over the horizon, to something that is now in full view & we are heading straight for. All the issues of the last few years that were not dealt with were laid bare. No proven goal scorer, no creativity in the middle of the park, a mix & match squad put together at great cost & an owner, chairman & board that other than indulge in a spot of self-pity have done nothing other than hide & hope the problem goes away. Even if we avoid the drop, there is the FFP issue, the possibility of a fire sale in the summer & then going through the same thing again starting in August. Its no wonder the fans feel worn out by the whole thing. The only hope I can see is we avoid the drop, Moshiri sells up or at least gets significant investment & the new owner/investor makes it absolute condition of investing that a complete board clear out is carried out.

    • I would agree with your only hope whole heartedly Tony. The only problem is I’ve been hoping for the best where Everton is concerned for 20 odd years now, and it’s rarely what happens 🙈🙈

  5. Love the podcast and agree with most of what you all are saying, but for the remaining games we have to change the focus. We have to concentrate on the football, the team selection, the tactics and the performance of the manager and players. Dyche has been abject these last two games and tbh, we were pretty shit against Spurs. It’s time for him to stop talking his bollocks and get this team/squad fighting for their (and our) lives. This squad has got 6 or 7 managers the sack, so Dyche does not need to pussy foot around. Get into the fuckers and get them fired up, starting this Saturday at Palace. I’ll do the team talk if he wants. Gary O’Neill has done it, Lopetenghi has done it, even Roy Hodgson has done it. Dyche needs to earn his huge salary, now, tomorrow and every day to the end of the season. Fuck Moshiri, fuck the board, fuck BMD, just fight to win some games of football.

  6. Interesting the pre game preparation was not up to standard..It just shows you what the preparation during the week must have been .

  7. Listened to Paul the Esk podcast and think the most damming statement by one of the participants who was at the match before the start.He said the warm up play by the Everton players showed a lack of effort and and relaxed approach to poor play.

    I still maintain that every third game, that is the attitude of most of the players who did not put in the preparation during the week.No Manager has been able to break that pattern.Dyche managed to get a bit of performance against Man u but he paid in the following game for doing so.

    These players are not worried about getting relegated.All they are interested in is getting their money..They will put a effort into the next game two game , but the fans really need to get on their case that third game, which is Leicester..

    We are dealing with a predominate group of players that really need to be put under pressure to get a performance out of them .That Third game is absolutely crucial to survival and it should be targeted.

    As for the Man City game I would not bother.Dyche should put out a under strenght team and pick Mina , giving him the workout and humiliation he deserves.

    The Brighton and Bournemouth game should be built up as special..

    Even have a display of Clowns and call them the Everton Board.Have them lead the parade, with a banner- Kenwright &Co.

    Start thinking outside the box ,do not give up ,head in the right direction.

    Believe me the above formula is as good as any and it breaks up the effort into manageable chunks.

  8. There is a perennial weaknesses in the training scheme at Finch Farm, which is based on rest and recovery.It is a regime that can be exploited by pretty unscrupulous players.I know but you get them in every walk of life ,outside the dreams of fans.At Everton it has been institutionalised as two game of effort and then one game of not being arsed.In the two games they train and put the effort in, but the third week they rest.This manifests itself as half arsed, dallying about, short trots and general bluffing, on the field it is the Everton blue print of a lethargic/ apathetic performance, a yard short, no tracking back, not showing for the ball,trying to stay in a easy position and it even shows in the warm up.It was worse under Frank , because he actually formed a committee for player grievances, refusing to say who was on it I bet Mina was on it .

    The whole Finch Farm regime is not fit for purpose, based on a ancient rest and recovery regime , with a bunch of bluffer under the long lost heading of the School of Science.I hear you say ,but they are in a relegation fight.That does not matter they carried on the same every year ,even as far back as Moyes.You could put a clock on for a defeat on that third game.The real cost of Everton’s lack of progress, that extra effort to get the points to progress up the table.

    Add to that the expectation of defeating a out of form Fulham with their striker missing ,and you can guess what the attitude was at Finch Farm.They will put the effort in at Finch Farm for these next two matches, lead by the Manager, but the Leicester game is a big danger .

    It is time for NSNOW to pick it’s fights.Go on about the Malaise in that Third Week at Finch Farm. Ask to talk to the DOF, wait on the players.Forget about the Man City game , let the Manager plan that one.Then the Brighton and Bournemouth games.Bring the clowns to the seaside ,even at home against Brighton.

    Just thought I would give a further explaination of my thinking.

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