Get up, stand up, Blackpool (a) as the Premier League season beckons

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast with Andy & George Costigan.

We look at the pre-season game at Blackpool, a little on the US trip, before looking at the rate of progress in the transfer window and the ongoing protests of the 27 Campaign.

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*apologies in the original publication there was a term used that rightly offends listeners. That has been edited out and an unreserved apology is offered. It was never the intent to offend and certainly does not represent the view of the publisher nor that of the contributors

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  1. Lads, Iwobi was bought to create and score goals, he does neither consistently.
    What he does do well, is run round at pace and surpress the opposition.
    If you are happy with that, so be it, he’s another reason we are where we are for me.
    Can still hear the Arsenal fans laughter, the lad wouldn’t get in a good side.

  2. Thanks lads, another interesting if grim podcast. How anyone could be happy with the current situation at the club is beyond me. No communication, a brush with FFP, avoided relegation by the skin of our teeth, 6 years of signing players that (mostly) other clubs weren’t interested in or wanted off their books. 600 million squandered.. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to look forward to a new season. Hopefully we’re being pessimistic and we can spring a few surprises in the first 3-4 games. Another season like the last one fills me and probably many others with dread

  3. A good way to show displeasure would have been for supporters to not put any of their money into the club. Yet, once again there are 30,000 season ticket holders waiting for the new season; buying the annual new kit and travelling to practice matches. Insanity. Moaning and moaning and doing nothing will make no difference whatsoever – but that, friends, is the nature of EFC. Absolutely pathetic

  4. I like the podcast, but my impressions after this episode (described as “grim” in one comment) are that nothing is permanent but woe.

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