Goodison Park protest Saturday 23 July 12 noon BST

The 27 Campaign has published the following press release re a fan protest near the Holy Trinity statue on Saturday 23rd July at 12 noon:

PRESS RELEASE from 27 Campaign. Fan protest Goodison Park Saturday 23rd July 12 Noon BST

The 27 Campaign have organised a fan protest on Saturday 23rd July near the Holy Trinity statue, Goodison Park, starting at 12 noon.

The campaign continues to ask Farhad Moshiri to Engage, Listen and Act. It is important to understand why the Campaign focuses on Farhad Moshiri. As 94 % shareholder he is the person responsible for appointing the Chairman and board of Everton FC.

The 27 Campaign believe that the current leadership of Everton including the Chairman, board and executive, fall well below the requirements of a modern football club, in terms of skills, commercial experience, governance and ambition.

This conclusion is evidenced by the complete mismanagement of footballing operations (only now being addressed through Kevin Thelwell, Frank Lampard and his team), the financial performance of the club (leading to record losses & significant restrictions on current and future transfer activities) and concerns over the future ownership and funding of the club including Bramley-Moore stadium.

More timely, with only two weeks to the start of the season, the club finds itself struggling in the transfer market, having sold its key playing asset in Richarlison and no indications of the squad strengthening desperately needed by the manager and fans.

Recent responses issued by the club on behalf of Farhad Moshiri have failed to allay concerns. They do not represent engagement and show no evidence of him listening to the concerns of many fans.

The protest on Saturday is timed to provide a reminder to Farhad Moshiri of many fan’s concerns. It’s also set for the last available weekend before the start of the new season. The 27 Campaign does not believe with the scheduled “Match for Peace” friendly versus Dynamo Kyiv next Friday, that it would be appropriate to hold a protest around what is a high profile, highly charged and important football match with a significance far beyond a pre-season friendly.

The Campaign calls on as many Evertonians as possible to demonstrate their concern over the running of the football club under Farhad Moshiri and his board. We ask that it is a protest that demonstrates the best of all Evertonians, passionate objections to the manner in which the club is led whilst providing full hearted, fanatical support for the manager and our players. The team will need our support throughout another potentially testing season, the club requires the support of all Evertonians in getting Farhad Moshiri to Engage, Listen and Act. The Act ultimately is either replacing the board and executive team (including Chairman) or allowing new owners to purchase the club and provide the leadership and direction so desperately needed. 

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  1. ‘Protesting’ is all well and good! However, you are not offering any form of alternatives or even constructive criticism! The club is in a precarious position, and has been for several decades, surely at this time the need is to pull together, offer any credible ideas and help the club pull through! What do you hope to achieve from this protest? Moshiri to say ok I’ve changed my mind the club is up for sale, well stop work on BMD, we’ll get rid of a dozen players, sack Frank Lampard and let the fans run the club till a new buyer is found! In the last decade or so it seems that most EFC fans just want to bitch and be negative about the club! Is that what you call support? Have your protest, for all the good it will do, but remember if Moshiri says I’ve had enough I’m off, and top players start handing in transfer requests, Lampard says I’m off too it’s your ‘support’ that will be culpable in those decisions being made! Things are bad but do you really want them to get worse, as that’s what will happen if this constant negativity and slandering continues!!

    • To be fair, the campaign backed down last season to ensure focus was placed on the team. Plenty has been suggested but, the club have to engage and they won’t.

  2. Wainwright is a chicken – probably triple jabbed and living in fear of doing anything unless he gets permission from his dad! Just waht does it take to make people SEE what’s happening here? Absolutely sick of people like him!!

  3. It is plainly obvious that there are many like Wainwright above who are not able or don’t want to look at the reality that Everton presents. No doubt he also enjoys reading the likes of the arrogant and highly insane Toffeeweb or Grand Old Team (says it all) where life is just a bowl of toffees!!

    He just wants a nice day out without all the hassle of thinking.

    EFC has been on the decline for nearly 30 years, they are bit part players in the premier league, just like Kenwright in Coronation Street, who never get beyond their own selfish desires to just exist … and stagnate. It would be more honest if they came out a said it rather than harrassing those who see the club for what it is and wish for better.

    I’ve had it with the likes of these people, who infect the game with their nihilism, irrationality and basic stupidity. I’ve had it with the club too. Kenwright is doolally and Moshiri just wants to launder money. There’s no plan or strategy because they don’t want one. They are not worthy of true fans interests because they don’t care. My thoughts are that Everton will die as a club and take its incestuous culture with it – can’t come soon enough!!

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