Talking the Blues podcast, Summertime…………………….

Welcome to the first Talking the Blues podcast of the summer. So much to talk about, starting with the media coverage of Everton, particularly relating to the board. We examine the progress of the strategic review before looking at the squad changes, which players stay, who goes…… We look at the sponsor position, how much of the current portfolio is up for grabs before George offers Bill Kenwright an invite to join us on Talking the Blues.

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  1. The suggestion to invite Bill or Denise onto a TTB podcast was an interesting one. Assuming they’d refuse what about Phil McNulty? At very least He can explain why the local media (E.g. The Echo) won’t rock the boat.

  2. Hi Paul. Every year Khaldoon al mubarak does an end of season interview with Man City that is published on Youtube, Essential viewing for any football supporter interested in the strategic development of a football club. Might be worth flagging to Bill and the Everton board.

  3. Paul, great listening as always. When will they ever learn?!!

    Quick question – the opening version of ‘Summertime’ – was that Ella, and from which album (actually two questions)?

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