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Talking the Blues podcast gets together to look at today’s disappointing result and above the obvious headline, tries to put some reason behind our current dilemma……..



Thanks to Andy and George for your contributions and above all else you fellow Blues for listening

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  1. Very difficult to listen due to the frequent silences, lack of structure to the conversation, and constant repetition

  2. The scene was set when Benitez referred to Watford as one of the Leagues ‘easy’ teams in his Friday press conference. Cue a wound up Watford and our underperforming crew thinking they just had to turn up. This was compounded with his continued selection of Rondon which, in effect, means we were playing with ten men. I’ve seen all the minutes he’s played and can’t recall him having a shot or header on target. He’s poor in the air and rarely brings others into play. Rondon and King were like chalk and cheese. Rondon and Iwobi shouldn’t be anywhere near our first team even with the current injury situation.

    Benitez’s substitutions changed the game. Richarlison should have been introduced at half time but not at the expense of Gordon who’d been one of our more effective players. Benitez said Gordon didn’t have 90 mins in him. Really? Rondon did? I stayed to the bitter end but was tempted to go when Iwobi was introduced. He can’t tackle or pass to a blue shirt and very rarely scores. Just what does he bring to the table?

    None of us really know what goes on at FF but what we do know is that very few of our Academy players actually make it through to the first team. Brand has already had a clearout of the Under 23s, many of whom had little chance of breaking through to the first team but were on substantial wages and blocking the progress of the U18s.

    The one positive of the weekend is that Benitez is undertaking a root and branch overhaul of the footballing side of the club not least why some of our players pick up so many injuries and why many take so long to recover. Not before time!

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