Talking the Blues Podcast, Brentford (a) Where do we go from here?

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues. A short review of the match (not much to be said) followed by a focus on immediate objectives (Liverpool, Wednesday) short term – our next few fixtures, medium term – the end of the season.

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Passionate, considered opinions that provide room for thought including the mythical “Monday meeting”

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  1. As an American Evertonian who came to love the team due to Tim Howard, the fact that they’re not the “easy” top club pick that Americans tend to do, but also the fact that EFC is never relegated…this season scares me. Before Allardyce was hired, I didn’t fear relegation. When Silva stumbled I get a good manager could bring us back to European contention; but this year the lack of quality, being painted into a corner by FFP and the way our schedule sets up makes me feel that we will be in the crosshairs of relegation. The only silver lining is that we’ve shown earlier this campaign that when healthy we are a dangerous squad. If we can retain some level of confidence through December and get any lift in January with some transfers, a healthy squad can stay up.

  2. The inevitable is well on its way I’m afraid, I’m not sure even buying in January will save the situation.
    No leadership on or off the pitch and fans that are totally accepting of the situation 🤷‍♂️😩💙

  3. On the button, as you usually are, Paul. This club has lacked real leadership for decades. Moshiri needs to hold people to account and if they’re not up to scratch (which many patently aren’t) then he needs to get rid. When he ws chair of USM would he have allowed that company to drift in the same way as we are? I very much doubt it. Time to bang heads together and sharpen the axe!

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