Direct questions for Everton’s major shareholder, Farhad Moshiri

There are many specific questions relating to footballing matters, finance, operations and strategy which can be asked of board members by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. However I wanted to address the major shareholder and ask some simple questions which if answered would provide a lot of clarity as to his thinking and his plans for the future of our club.

Details as to why these questions are relevant can be found in my series Everton’s ownership and leadership


Why have you not made changes to the senior management of the company?

Why have you insisted on retaining the services of the Chairman and CEO?

Why are there no independent or non-executive directors to provide oversight and scrutiny?

What changes to governance are you prepared to make?

2. Recruitment

Who has responsibility for recruitment at Everton?

What is the structure and process of a typical incoming transfer?

What is the strategy in terms of building a competitive squad, that is sustainable (financially) and offers future value for further squad development through re-sale value?

What changes to the recruitment process and strategy are you prepared to make?

3. Director of Football

What is the role of the Director of Football at Everton?

What authority does he have, who does he report to?

What control and influence does he have over the Academy given there is an academy director?

What changes and clarification of the director of football model at Everton are you prepared to make?

4. Finance

What is the true financial state of the club in relation to Premier League Profit & Sustainability?

What is the plan to reduce losses?, to become cash flow positive and a return to profitability? In the absence of such what is the future funding requirement and how will that be covered?

What is the position regarding stadium financing? How close to completion is the private placement/lending facility?

5. Recovery

What are your immediate plans to restructure the management of the business? To provide leadership, experience and competency that reverses the inexorable decline of our great club?

There is a series of more detailed questions relating to footballing matters, operations and specific events which the Chairman and board must answer at the Annual General Meeting. They will be published after the Annual Report & Accounts are released.

I stress that the above are questions for Farhad Moshiri to answer.  I understand he is under no legal obligation to provide answers to anyone at all. However, for the benefit of the club and in acknowledgement that transparency and accountability are vital components of the future recovery/restructuring process that is necessary, he would be well served to provide them.

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  1. I totally agree Paul. None of us really knows what goes on at Finch Farm but Moshiri needs to have an independent root and branch overhaul of every aspect of the club and make people accountable re performance etc.

  2. If we can get answers to these questions it would alleviate a lot of anxiety and stress that are building up.

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