Talking the Blues, Liverpool (h), identity emerging and yes VAR

Welcome to this week’s decidedly up-beat Talking the Blues as a coherent, determined and thoroughly entertaining display by Frank Lampard’s Everton gives a taste of what might be on offer in the months ahead.

We talk through the window, the reduced impact Moshiri has had and finally a discussion on VAR, and its proper application.

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  1. One game does not a summer make! Still no forward power and where do the goals come from??

    Take it that all sport – including football – is WEAPONISED in today’s world. The utter crap about a ‘war in ukraine’ argued by people who have no experience of what that country stands for or indeed, where it is, is totally delusional – go watch the film “Wag the Dog” and think about it …

    Corruption is rife in the premier league as evidenced by all clubs ‘suffering’ the injustice of poor referees and the nonsensical VAR system and the tinkering of the rules by the same idiots. Exactly, when are fans going to wake up to the fact that the world is changing and not with their interests in mind. You only have to have watched last night’s ‘match of the day’ to realise the tyranny afoot. Distraction of the masses by the use of anything that captures their ‘imagination’ is rife in order that ‘the powers that be’ achieve their aims. You people are building your own prison and you don’t even know it!!!

    • Very interesting comment, bar the last bit. MOTD, I wasn’t distracted, and building my own prison?? Not really sure what you’re getting at? We’re all fans but we’re also all individuals whom are capable of making are own decisions. Are you yourself not part of the ‘you people ‘?

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