A Covid-19 podcast special – discussing the science, the economics & the social considerations plus a bit about football

In a totally new direction, I called upon my old co-presenter, Rodger Armstrong to host a discussion with a fellow blue and friend Neil Wolstenholme. Neil as you will hear, has a strong scientific background and a career that includes many years in senior management positions in the scientific and pharmaceutical industries. Neil will be expressing his own personal opinions on many aspects of the Covid-19 crisis. He also has a particularly relevant personal story to tell which brings his insight into sharp focus.


I hope you find the subject matter and the points raised interesting and entertaining. As ever Rodger excels in his role as host.

Thanks to both Neil and Rodger for joining me, and to everyone out there who listens. This will not only be of interest to football fans but a much wider audience, so please share with your friends and family.

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