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Everton FC announce 2016/17 financial results

In the first full financial year since Farhad Moshiri’s acquisition of 49.9% of Everton Football Club, the club has published the financial results for the financial year to 31st May 2017.

This is not a complete analysis, I have not seen the full accounts yet, the full analysis will follow in the coming days. However, here are some initial thoughts and figures:


Balance sheet – further investment by Farhad Moshiri

The most significant information in this set of accounts is the increase in, and treatment of the major shareholder’s loan to the club.

Having initially loaned the club on an unsecured, no set repayment basis £80m, Farhad Moshiri has increased the loan to £105m in the accounting period and a further increase post 31st May 2017 bringing the total loan amount to £150 million.

I stress I have not seen the accounts nor will do for a couple of days, but it is reported that this loan is being treated as equity. As a result of this and the reported profits the Balance Sheet now shows a positive value of £91.7 million from a previous deficit of -£43.4 million. It is entirely consistent with Moshiri’s stated objective of repairing the balance sheet

Financial Highlights

£’000s 2016/17 2015/16 Increase %
Turnover               171,300               121,541 41%
Broadcasting Revenues               127,800                 82,500 55%
Non-broadcasting revenues                 43,500                 39,041 11%
Gate receipts                 14,025                 17,625 -20%
Sponsorship & Advertising                 15,400                   9,300 66%
Post tax profit                 30,600 –              24,333
Staff costs               104,700                 84,000 25%
Balance sheet                 91,700 –              43,417

The club is reporting an increase in turnover of £49.76 million (41%) over the previous period to a record £171.3 million. Broadcasting revenues increased by £45.3 million (55%) over the period leaving non-broadcasting revenues increasing by 11% to £43.5 million.

As a result of fewer games but more relevantly the continued excellent pricing policies, gate receipts fell by 20%  to just over £14 million. Although this obviously impacts the financial results I doubt there’s an Evertonian who wouldn’t welcome the continued policy of affordable pricing. This fall was offset by increase in sponsorship and advertising revenues as the USM Finch Farm, William Hill and Sure deals kicked in.

Increased staffing costs

The increase in non broadcasting revenues and a contribution from player trading profits have allowed the club to increase staffing costs beyond the £7m allowed within the STCC Premier League regulations, from £84 million to £104.7 million.

Bill Kenwright quotes:

On the publication of the accounts, Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright commented: I would like to congratulate Robert and his teams at Goodison and Finch Farm for the sustained growth experienced across all areas of the Club.

“Of course, the chance to grow further is made possible by the much-improved financial position secured by Farhad’s personal investment in the Club. His support has allowed us to repay the long-term debt, invest in our playing squad, expand and improve Finch Farm and make significant and overdue improvements to how Goodison Park looks and operates. I have always said that I believe Farhad is exactly the right person to take our Club forward; his ambition matches that of every Evertonian and both the financial investment and the time he has put into the Club demonstrates that commitment.

“I’m especially pleased to see young faces filling Goodison Park every week and the ‘investment’ we are making in reduced gate receipts will undoubtedly pay dividends in the years ahead. Our first training ground partner, USM, a new European betting partner in William Hill, our first sleeve partner in Angry Birds and of course, our new main partner, SportPesa will underwrite future commercial income.”

I will do a more detailed analysis in the coming days. There’s no doubt Farhad Moshiri is demonstrating his commitment to the club with his injection of £150 million. The treatment of this injection as equity will make fascinating reading.

The biggest initial issue the club faced was the condition of the balance sheet which has now been resolved. The issue of the stadium is obviously progressing with further details eagerly anticipated. The issues regarding commercial performance, non broadcasting incomes and performance relative to the big 6 still persist. Again it will be fascinating to hear of plans and the changes required to resolve this as we wait for the stadium and improved performances on the pitch.

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  1. Even to a layman like myself, this appears to be more good news on the financial front for the club and with news expected on the stadium development in the New Year, the future is really beginning to take off.
    Great times to be a Blue.

  2. It’s not exactly a massive improvement as most of it is from the Premier league and all the other clubs will get that as well. We are a long way behind and it’s going to be a very slow process. Spurs were over £210 million for the previous year and they’re the nearest of the big 6 clubs we have to catch.

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