Goodison Park – plans for its future

This article just provides  details supplied by the club – analysis to follow

Denise Barrett-Baxendale, Everton’s CEO, issued the following comments on Goodison’s future:

“Our plans for Goodison Park, although much more outlined at this stage, fulfil our promise to our neighbours in Liverpool 4 to work together to create something that will benefit the community for generations to come.

There is still much work to be done to deliver both the stadium and the community-led legacy in Liverpool 4 but we remain on track to deliver these amazing transformational projects.”


The Club’s proposals for Goodison Park are unique and have been designed in conjunction with local people to ensure a legacy for the area, with the proposed development of homes, health, education, community and enterprise facilities which will improve well-being and opportunity for local residents.


The proposed development would include significant landscaped areas, including trees, private garden space and public space. A large publicly accessible open space is proposed at the centre of the masterplan, where the Goodison Park pitch currently sits, as a lasting reminder of the Club’s footballing legacy.

Quality housing

A mix of housing (up to 48) and apartments (up to 160) could be developed to create a choice in housing size, type and tenure. This could include new family housing developed under a scheme that would explore new ways to make them available to local residents.

Youth enterprise zone

The creation of facilities to encourage business start-ups could be provided at the site. This could support young people in particular or focus on a specific sector, for example within the creative and digital industries.

Education zone

The masterplan proposes the development of an education facility which could accommodate the expansion of the Everton Free School or could provide a new facility for children or adults, with the potential to also build a new children’s centre for community use.

Health zone

A multi-purpose centre could be delivered to address health and well-being issues for people of all ages to access advice, care and support. The Club is currently engaging with the NHS to understand the nature of the need.

Supported living

The provision of much-needed accommodation and care for people with a range of needs could be provided. Proposals being considered range from assisted living for the elderly to intensive residential care for people with dementia and other illnesses.

Retail and leisure

Everton is proposing the creation of small-scale community-led retail, food and beverage and leisure facilities, which complement the area’s existing offer and meet the needs of the community.

Office space

Current proposals include approximately 4,000 sq m of office floorspace. It is anticipated that some of this would be occupied by the Club’s award winning official charity Everton in the Community.

Lasting tribute

The Club is considering the retention of key features of the public art such as the Dixie Dean statue and the new Holy Trinity statue to ensure Everton’s historic role in the community is celebrated and to continue to attract visitors to the site.

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