Guest podcast, John Blain & Pete Molyneux talk about Everton and Manchester United

Two diehards, one from the blue side of Merseyside (John Blain) and one from the Red side of Manchester (Pete Molyneux) get together for their half yearly look at both teams (although it’s nearly 12 months since their last episode).

John and Peter talk about Everton and Utd, the unreal season without fans, ambitions and hopes for this season, managers and the elephant(s) in the room at Everton.

Thanks for listening, thanks to John and Pete for finding the time to chat. Please note all podcasts are available on on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and many other podcast platforms

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  1. Didn’t expect to find Pete Moly on here! Long time since we spoke, but listening to him took me back to our many discussions about the Blues and Utd. Great podcast from 2 knowledgeable and (fairly) unbiased guys.

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