Talking the Blues – the Everton General Meeting including DoF, finances and of course, USM

The day after the dust (or perhaps sparkle) starts to settle, Andy Costigan his brother George and myself have a look back at the General Meeting and ask does the elation of the USM announcement hide the underlying issues the club faces.

financial overview

There’s an hour of chat examining the positives (and there are some) with a more grounded view of other matters.

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  1. Just a thought gentlemen abut the point George raised on gambling… Please bear with me; If we have changed our credit suppliers to P Chase Morgan and, allegedly, Mitsubishi. Would it not be a good idea for our, (EFC)Commercial/Engagement team to approach either or both to ask for shirt/stadium/online sponsorship in order to a) remove the gambling connection to our main sponsor,which is a pretty hot topic currently, and to b) potential raise awareness in the North American and Asian markets in order to try and grow our (EFC) overseas commercial income and presence? Especially with the current move to have Messers. Howard, Pienaar and Cahill working as ambassadorial roles in NA, ZSA and Aus?

    I’m sure with the knowledge and skill levels of the staff employed by Mr. Moshiri and Usmanov (QED see purchasing first refusal on naming rights to BMD) that a deal could be struck between all parties that allows for gains for all?

    Any thoughts on that?

  2. I enjoyed listening to this one, very informative. I think it’s a real shame no one got a clear answer from the board on how we are going to improve our financial position next year. Moving the deadwood won’t suffice, neither will the small raise from broadcast revenues, so either we are planning on selling major player assets or our links with USM will grow significantly.

    If the paradise papers from 2017 are correct in the assessment that Moshiri is nothing more than Usmanovs proxy/accountant then this latest farce of a commercial deal, £30m for an option on first naming rights, gives more legitimacy to this claim. This is not a genius move, it’s simply what well advised billionaires do when they are developing their toy club and it stinks of the £400m deal Manchester City made with Etihad in 2011.

    I know you are sceptical of this view but its clear to me the plan from day one has been for Usmanov to bankroll the club using Moshiri as a proxy owner. If you were an oligarch this would be the move, use a bag man to buy the club (Moshiri) and then finance it all through you own holding company via commercial deals to circumvent the FFP and sustainability regulations. Just enter ‘USM’ on Google Search the company doesn’t even appear, what company on Earth sponsors just a single sporting entity to the tune of £42 million in one year and doesn’t dominate the entire 1st page on Google Search under its own acronym. What does a sponsorship deal with EFC offer this company? Does USM act as you would expect a major partner to? Who does Moshiri get all his money from? How did we convince Ancelotti to come to EFC? Ask these questions on your next podcast because I would love to hear them discussed.

    “Will Usmanov buy Everton Football Club?” Every Evertonian on Twitter is asking this question, but if the Paradise Papers are correct he already has.

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