Talking the Blues, football postponed as a mark of respect & the potential for no football until October

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues Podcast marking the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. We look at why football has taken a different view to most other sports in the UK, we look at the future of the club, the attitude of fans & the different levels of expectations among us Blues.

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  1. I’m a republican but certainly wouldn’t interrupt any period of silence etc.for her or anyone else. The Queen and the rest of her extended family are well rewarded for what they do. If they don’t like it they can always opt out (including the monarch) but very few ever do.
    I think it’s now time to to take stock and decide if it’s appropriate for us, in 2022, to have an unelected Head of State.Not only an unelected H of State but also an unelected second chamber and now an unelected PM, too. Some democracy!

    I think football was cancelled because the Establishment were apprehensive about the anthem being booed and upsetting the BBC led monarchy love in. The rush to swear in Charles was part of this. He didn’t have to be sworn in so quickly. When George V1 died Elizabeth was touring Africa. I’m not sure quite how long it took her to get back but it would have been some time.

    I agree that the FA and PL have backed themselves into a corner which will be difficult to get out of for next weekend’s games. At least it gives more time for some of our injured to get fit.

  2. The fan base is thick as shit!
    Who in their right minds would sign up to a new season ticket knowing the club is in a relegation battle such as last season without questioning what is going on?
    Who in their right minds would support an incestuous club, constantly recruiting former players into the fold, that continually ignores the fan base and treats them as idiots?
    Don’t forget nobody challenged the club’s stance on the covid nonsense and being jabbed to watch the team. Nobody even talks about it anymore. The mantra is ‘do as you are told, behave yourself and shut the fuck up’
    What you are really dealing with here is a cult – and there’s no way you can change a cult from the inside
    It would be far easier to start your own club
    I don’t understand why people are still bothered about this and constantly rehashing the same old arguments (which are reasonable, by the way, on their own terms) – but it’s only a game – there’s far more important things going on on the planet … like tyranny and the imposition of an authoritarian, fascistic order, a financial crash that could leave us all homeless, the removal of cash, a digital surveillance state … oh, and genocide … or hadn’t you noticed?

  3. Brilliant podcast, loved every minute.
    Evertonians have no sense of entitlement,exactly that and they’re prepared to put up with absolute rubbish to boot.
    If it takes relegation to get a sustained reaction then so be it.

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