Talking the Blues, It’s all up to him, Aston Villa (a)

Welcome to this week’s Talking the Blues where Georg and Andy dissect the  Villa match before entering a more general conversation as to where we are, the transfer window and a look at Gary Neville’s outburst re Manchester United and the relevance to Everton. George on the Glazers…..

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  1. I like Lampard but I fear he is a very cautious (some might say conservative) tactician. His team selection this week suggests this, especially after it didn’t work against Chelsea. If this is true, he has a limited shelf life at Everton.

  2. The conditions must have been horrible. Is there a style to Everton from last season to this yes there is. Sadly no striker don’t think i can comment on the blues until we get one. The formation and style of play is starting to gell a bit more. Time is definitely needed feel we are on the up.

  3. It looks like Chelsea are very aware of our desperation for an alternative centre forward target man. I think this explains their move for Gordon, and I’m of the view that they will throw Broja into the mix. I’ve also got no doubt that they will get their man.

  4. Does nobody here not accept that Frank Lampard is not a good manager and fits in very well with the crap that is Everton? Just what will it take for the dumb fans to see what is going on here? Every week it’s the same old story. You guys are delusional to expect anything more. Bored to fuck with all of this and not interested anymore

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